Telling your story

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We'll walk you through all of these decisions, like scripting, interviews, b roll, music, graphics, and the final release.


Getting started


When to go Scripted

Whether it's scripted or not, the assembly of soundbites or voice-over becomes the vehicle that pushes your story forward.  Deciding between a scripted narrative or a compilation of extemporaneous interviews (or a combination between the two) is an important decision, effecting both aesthetics and production, that should be made early on. 

Take a look at some of the key characteristics of each approach, and watch some examples of each:



  • Guarantees controlled, predetermined messaging
  • Saves significant time in post as well as b roll shoots
  • Use a teleprompter for more efficient interviews
  • Allows for use of professional acting or voice over talent

Example: The Jefferson [Luxury Hotel, Washington DC]



  • Creates a natural, earnest feeling in the final edit
  • Our editing team excels at crafting soundbites into a compelling narrative after the fact
  • Reduces pre-production time, but extends work in post

Example: Chairloom [Re-upholstery/Custom Furniture, Ardmore PA]


Combine Both Approaches

Get the best of both worlds by combining the concise delivery of scripted segments with the authentic delivery of extemporaneous interviews.

Example: Andalusia [Historic Estate]


Interview Packages


Our Standard Interview Kit

Producer, Camera Operator, and Audio Tech
2 HD cameras & Tripods
Variety of zoom, wide, macro, and fixed lenses
5 piece Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit
Full Audio Kit (wireless lavs and overhead boom)


Environmental vs Backdrop Interviews

Environmental interviews allow the view to see the subject in the context of the story. At Arsenal, we specialize in creating beautiful settings in almost any environment.

Using a neutral colored or green-screen backdrop allows us to create a controlled studio look in nearly any space, perfect for creating continuity across multiple locations.


Beautiful B-Roll


b-roll (n.) : supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot.

"In interviews and documentary films it may describe secondary footage that adds meaning to a sequence or disguises the elimination of unwanted content. This technique of using the cutaway is common to hide zooms, where the visuals may cut away to B-roll footage of what the person is talking about while the A camera zooms in, then cut back after the zoom is complete. The cutaway to B-roll footage can also be used to hide verbal or physical tics that the editor and/or director finds distracting: Because the audio is separate from the video, the speaker's voice is heard as a voice-over while B-roll footage is shown. The filmmakers are thus free to excise "uh"s, sniffs, coughs, and so forth without the video showing the small skips associated with these minor excisions. Similarly, a contextually irrelevant part of a sentence or anecdote can be removed to construct a more effective, succinct delivery."

- Wikipedia


Schedule b-roll shoots any time

Schedule coverage before or after interviews. If you're still in the planning phases, but you know you need coverage of something time sensitive, that's okay! Go ahead and schedule that shoot, and we'll figure the rest out later.


Flexible Crew Sizes

From affordable, unobtrusive single camera coverage, to full-crew shoot days, we have the flexibility to scale up or down to meet the needs of your production and budget.


 Review b-roll after each shoot

Opt to receive time-coded "dailies," or assemblies of footage from each shoot, so you can get help collaborate on shot selection.


Retain footage for future projects

Re-purposing b-roll footage in subsequent videos is one of the best ways to get more value out of a shoot. We safely archive all of your footage so it can be efficiently re-used in the future.

B-roll Capture Options


Our shooters capture a mix of establishing shots, details, and motion in stunning HD or 4K. 


Single shooter

A single shooter comes equipped with a versatile zoom lens, tripod, and monopod.


Additional shooters and gear

When you add a second shooter and camera, you'll also get a steady-cam, slider, and 8 foot crane


The Finishing Touches


Editing & Post Production

The editing room is the place where we truly bring your story to life. Our seasoned editing team approaches each video with a unique treatment that best accentuates the message.


The Right Music

Music selection is one of the most important aesthetic decisions made during the post production process. Luckily, our editing team is filled with musicians and music-enthusiasts with a keen ear for song selection.


Great Licensed Music

We source our licensed music through the best platforms available. We make certain that each song is thoughtfully selected to compliment your video with the appropriate aesthetic.

Original Compositions

For a more customized production, our network of musicians can compose the perfect score, created specifically for your project. See the video below for an example.


Branded Graphics & Titling


Maintain your brand continuity on lower third titles

We create custom titles for every project with carefully considered design, to extend your branding throughout the viewing experience. After we're finished, we keep all of these assets safely stored, so they can be used on future projects.


Animate your existing logo

We can create a more dynamic experience by turning your existing logo or design into an animated intro or title sequence.

 Original client poster

Original client poster

Our animated version of poster art for the corresponding internal video series


Add motion graphics to enhance understanding

Animation can be a powerful way to depict statistics, scale, or convey the details of an abstract process in an easy-to-digest manner.


Animated Infographic Video

Excerpt from internal messaging video


One project, many edits

We can extend the value of your production by creating different cuts of the same project, tailored for different delivery platforms.


Short Form

These brief, concise videos are perfect for social media, website welcome videos, and more. Shorter videos are the most popular choices for our small business and non-profit clients to share their identity and purpose.


Long Form

When you need tell a longer story, we're here to help. This format allows us to present more complex and nuanced ideas while ensuring that the pacing is both engaging and sensitive to the content. 


Social Media

Take your social media presence to the next level with professional video, tailor-made for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Website Background Video

The new standard for beautiful websites is high quality, silent moving background video. Take advantage of your video project to create an instantly immersive experience for your brand on the web. In addition to the more complex edits we can provide, we can re purpose highlights of your production's b roll footage for use on your website.

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