Pre-Production Services

Concept Development

If you have a message you need to convey, but don’t know how exactly… we help turn it into an engaging video. We have experience/expertise with all sorts of different productions...we are happy to execute your vision or help make something new


Script Writing

Not all videos need to be scripted, but when they do, we can help refine a script or write one entirely. In person meetings, conference calls or over online collaboration



More applicable to narrative-style shoots. Efficient shoot days, faster edit times, more insight into final product before start


Location Scouting

We know what to look for, what settings look good on camera. We can help find a great location for your shoot


Site Visits

Getting a feel for the space is critical to avoiding surprise environmental issues that impact shooting. Noise, light, space, etc



Handle on our own/ work with you to find the right talent for your project, whether VO or acting talent