Our Services

Pre-Production Services

Often the most overlooked part of the process, pre-production is usually the most important step in any project. At arsenal, we’re of the belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Concept Development

What’s the best way to turn your message or story into a video? We’ll work with you to find the approach that is best for you.

Planning & Logistics

All of the nuts and bolts of pre-production that make a project go smoothly. We’ll create and send out production roadmaps, shoot schedules, call sheets, and make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.


If you need models, actors or voice talent for your project, we can use our relationships with best-in-class agencies and talent sourcing platforms to help cast the right talent for the job.

Location Scouting & Site Visits

If you don’t have a location for your shoot, we can find you one. If you already know where you want to film, we can walk through the site to identify and red flags that need to be anticipated.


Production Services



We offer a range of coverage options that suit a wide variety of project needs and budgets. We focus on bringing a cinematic vision to the entire range of coverage options regardless of whether your needs call for “run and gun” or “fly on the wall” capture, filming controlled, high production value scenes, and everything in between in a style that makes sense for your brand and vision.

+ What cameras do we use?
When we purchase cameras and lenses for our studio, we look for the best combination of value and quality to make the best looking videos we can without adding unnecessary overhead costs to your projects budget.
Our primary cameras for production are the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k paired with a versatile selection of high quality EF lenses. We also maintain a variety of sony cameras for video and still purposes.

+ Can we shoot in 4k? What about 6 or 8k?
Our in-house cameras give us the ability to capture footage in everything from smaller HD ProRes LT files to 12bit uncompressed raw at 60fps in DCI 4k. For projects that require higher resolution or other specific requirements, we are happy to work rental packages that best fit your needs.


Essential Sound for Video

Our in-house sound kit and audio techs can handle all of the sound requirements for the majority of our projects.

+ What's in our kit?
Our main audio gear consists of the following:
- Zoom F8 multitrack field recorder
- Sennheiser Shotgun mic & Boom pole
- Sennheiser Wireless Lav kits
- M Audio Luna Condenser Mic (for in-studio VO/ADR tracking)
- Multiple handheld and portable recorders from Tascam & Zoom
- Variety of audio cabling solutions


Essential Lighting & Grip

We have a small(ish) but mighty array of lights and grip equipment at our studio that can handle the needs of many of our clients’ entire projects from on-location interviews to in-studio product shoots. Our studio equipment is designed to be comprehensive enough to save budget-conscious clients money on expensive rentals, while still creating beautiful images. When the project budget allows, we love bringing in lighting and grip experts to take things to the next level.

+ What's in our kit?
Our main lighting and grip kit consists of the following:
- Aputure c300d II [Daylight COB LED, bowens mount]
- Aputure c120d II [Daylight COB LED, bowens mount]
- 3 piece Intellytech Pocket Canon Mini [Daylight balanced, COB LED]
- 5 piece Ikan LED panel kit [Bicolor]
- 3 Piece Lowel ViP V/Pro Kit [Tungsten]
- Variety of Bowens mount softboxes and modifiers
- Digital Juice Flag kit
- Collapsible 5x7’ reflector kit
- Variety of diffusion, bounces and negative fill
- 4 ft dolly
- 8 ft jib
- 12ft overhead rig
- Multiple C-Stands, lightweight light stands, overhead roller stand
- Apple boxes, clamps, sandbags, etc


Post Production Services



Our editing team has experience creating a diverse range of formats and aesthetics, and our priority is executing a production that best represents your brand or story.

+ What kind of software do you use?
We edit most projects in Adobe Premiere in conjunction with other Creative Cloud applications like Illustrator and After Effects. We also have the ability to work in Davinci Resolve.

Post Production Management

No matter what stylistic approach we’re working within for your project, our editing process is designed to give you the opportunity to weigh in at critical junctures of the project to keep you feeling in control, while removing unnecessary stress and clutter from your inbox. If your project requires additional post-production services from our network of trusted professionals, we’ll make sure everything stays on budget and on time.


Color Correction

We’ll make sure your project has a consistent, high quality look from beginning to end, even when a colorist is outside of your budget.

+ What does this mean?
We take advantage of our cameras’ cinematic picture profiles with wide dynamic range to capture the most information possible when we film your video. In the color correction phase, we make adjustments to match different angles within a scene and bring back color and saturation for a more “finished” look.

Motion Graphic Animation

Our team can animate otherwise static elements like logos, graphs, maps, etc. to draw attention to specific data or just make graphical content more engaging.

+ See some examples

Stock Sourcing & Licensing

At the very least, most projects will employ the use of royalty free music, while others will require the use of stock footage, foley, photos, and more. We use best-in-class services and pride ourselves in our ability to source high-quality, non-cheesy stock assets that won’t unnecessarily bloat your project’s budget.


A Network of Creative Professionals

We do a lot of things well, but we also know that it’s best to leave the specialty services to the specialists. More importantly, we know how to guide you through the process of deciding what additional services are critical, optional, or totally superfluous to your goals. We have great relationships with professionals who have expertise in every step of the production pipeline, so you can be assured that we’ll always keep your project in great hands.

Some of these additional services include: