Production Enhancement Services

Music Licensing

From single shooter b-roll capture, to 10 camera live events, we can expand and contract as necessary to meet any project’s needs. We have an array of camera stabilization systems that we can employ to amplify the production value or enhance the tone of you project.


Original Music

Service we’re happy offer, will always be a different person (link to photography gallery?). When photos and videos are done in conjunction with each other, shit gets dope


White Labeling

Audio represents up to 80% of experience, we take it seriously. Variety of microphones...smalll wireless lapel microphones, overhead boom mics, plant mics..whatever the production needs


Color Grading

Make sure on-screen talent looks camera ready… no shiny foreheads, frizzy hair, etc..additionally it gives interview subjects a sense of confidence in their camera appearance, leading to significantly improved performances