Gospel Folk Band



Live Performances

Same Show, Different Approaches


Live music can be captured with a range of production values and crew sizes. Below are two examples from two consecutive years of Found Wandering’s annual Christmas benefit. 

In 2015, we shot the concert with six camera operators and a production director. For the audio portion, we partnered with a recording studio to capture a professional quality live mulitrack recording, which was later mixed and incorporated into the video. The 

In 2016, we used four cameras and relied on on-camera mics supplemented with a single stereo microphone in the center of the room.


This video was produced using:

  • 4 Camera Operators
  • 1 un-manned stereo field recorder

This video was produced using:

  • 1 Director
  • 6 Camera Operators
  • 1 Multi-track Recording Engineer
  • Pro recording studio audio mix
  • Custom titles & Credits

Live Audio/Video Release

For Found Wandering's live EP, "The Living Room Sessions," they wanted to create an intimate live performance that could be released both on audio and video formats. We partnered with Sound Farm Studios from Brooklyn, NY to create a mobile recording studio in their living room and captured multi-cam footage of the sessions.

Found Wandering-BG.png

Music Videos

Promotional Videos



We brought cameras into the studio during the recording of Found Wandering's "On A Christmas Night" to create this promo. Initially used to tease the album's release, it was later updated to function as a general-purpose promotional video.


Somber & Abstract

This teaser for Found Wandering's EP, "Pass The Peace," accentuates the band's haunting rendition of "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" with abstracted newsreel footage and holiday home movies.


Infomercial Parody

Found Wandering band leader and Arsenal Mediaworks owner, Colin Comstock, channeled his alter ego, DJ Gary Missmiss, to pitch the Found Wandering Christmas Collection. Using a heavily affected look, dated aspect ratio, and some silly green-screen effects, we lovingly recreated the wonderful CD infomercials of yesteryear.

Look out for cameos by other members of the Arsenal Mediaworks crew.