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2016: Year In Review

2016 was a particularly busy and exciting year for the team here at Arsenal Mediaworks. Here's a look at some of the highlights and a glimpse at some interesting things already in the works for 2017:

Keeping up with old friends

We spent a lot of the past year working on new projects for some of our favorite clients like Penn Medicine, Movado, and Aardvark Event Logistics.

Telling More Stories at Penn Medicine

The incredible reputation of Penn Medicine cannot be overstated, and we're thrilled to have continued our relationship with them in 2016. In the past twelve months we worked with Penn on nine different projects resulting in over 35 individual videos and a whole lot of photos! 


Check out more of our work for Penn Medicine.


Working With A Legend at Movado

We always love working with the great folks at Movado, but it's a special treat when we get the chance to work with jazz luminary and Movado brand ambassador, Wynton Marsalis. This year we had the pleasure of working with Mr. Marsalis on both a social media video and a live performance at Lincoln Center. Additionally, we shot their annual Corporate Communications Meeting for the third year in a row.


Getting Experiential with Aardvark

Aardvark Event Logistics are the brains behind some of the most unique experiential marketing tours in the business, and we love every opportunity to go behind the scenes with them and their clients. Whether they're building a mobile photo studio for LinkedIn or converting a tractor trailer into a traveling bumper car arena for NBC Sports, there's always plenty of action to cover when we're working for Aardvark!


View more Aardvark videos


Taking In The Talks At TEDx Jersey City

In our third year covering the talks at the TEDx conference, we captured some of the most compelling stories to date. Topics ranged from humans' entrepreneurial future in space, to climate change, to the ways in which plants can teach us how to treat disease. The TEDx Jersey City crew consistently puts together a fantastic conference, and we were happy to be there to cover it at the historic Loews Theater.

New faces

On Camera

While we pride ourselves on our continuing long term relationships with our clients, we're always excited to meet and work with new people. In 2016 we began a partnership with Rutgers University to launch their new online MBA video program, shot multiple on-location interviews for a new project by the Southern Poverty Law Center and produced a music video for a Brooklyn based punk band! Rumor has it that we even started production on a new documentary about the Philly Cheesesteak... Stay tuned!

On The Crew

While our client base expanded in new and exciting ways in 2016, we also grew a bit more in the office as well. Meet Kevin, the newest addition to our studio and production staff. Kevin does a little bit of everything; from live sound capture to assistant shooting to editing. Next time you see him give him a high five!

Hey look, it's Kevin!

Hey look, it's Kevin!


A Banner Year For Our Sister Company

Our event video brand, Merryweather Films, was recognized with's "Best of Weddings" award for the third year in a row. However, that wasn't enough to satisfy us, so we went ahead and launched not one, but two new services.


Slow Motion Video Booth

Hop in the booth and go nuts! Then watch it back with your friends at 10x slow motion, share it on social media, and enjoy it all over again a week later in a fun, time-shifted recap video. The Slow-Mo Booth is perfect for adding some energy to any party or marketing event. We are currently offering discounts to Arsenal clients who want to incorporate the booth into their next event or meeting. Give us a call in the office to discuss!

Merryweather Simple

Our new event video solution for those looking for premium, cinematic event video on a modest budget.

Onward To 2017!

We can't be more excited to enter the new year. 2016 was the biggest yet for Arsenal Mediaworks, and we're poised for 2017 to be even bigger! Happy New Year everyone!

James O'Brien